Editorial transition processes in IDE Journal

By Reinhard Golz | January 30, 2021

In the last NEWS (see below, part 2) I had indicated that I would be preparing to hand over the management of the Journal to younger colleagues by December 2020.

In the meantime, however, unforeseen health difficulties and new organizational tasks have arisen in reshaping the Editorial Board in the context of the Corona crisis.

A working group of the Editorial Board consisting of Arthur K. Ellis (USA), Robin Chen (Taiwan) and Reinhard Golz (Germany) is now pleased to inform you that David Wicks (Seattle Pacific University, USA) has accepted the invitation to take over the function of the Editor-in-Chief.

Because of the corresponding new editorial tasks we ask that prospective authors wait to submit their manuscripts until the transition is complete and the next deadlines for sending contributions can be announced. We plan to provide the relevant information by April of this year.

Regardless of these events, all contributions previously published in the IDE Journal remain freely available.

On behalf of the Editorial Board

Reinhard Golz
(Editor-in-Chief from 2014 to December 2020)