Current Issue

2020, Volume 7, Special Issue

Schools, Education and the Pandemic of 2020 – Introduction to a Special Issue of IDE Journal

Reclaiming Location in Education: a Response to the COVID Pandemic

Social Media in the Classroom. The New Normal for University Education after COVID

A Provincial University at the Times of the World Pandemic: Preservation or Development?

Reflection and Evaluation of Distance Education in School

Methodological Perspectives on Researching Home Schooling due to the Corona Pandemic: An Invitation to Think Further

Coronavirus Pandemic in Spring and Summer 2020 and the School in Germany

Parenthood in a Crisis: Stress Potentials and Gender Differences of Parents During the Corona Pandemic

Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Students and their Parents

What is the Future of Arts Education in the Midst of a Pandemic? It’s Essential, Virtual, and Hybrid for Now!

The Increasing Importance of How We Think of the “Others” During a Time of Uncertainty

Social-Emotional Learning in a Time of Chaos

Make Healing, not Performance, the Goal for K-12 Schools Amid this Global Pandemic

Challenge, Change and Response: Research into Education in a Globalized Perspective

Higher Education in the Midst of a Pandemic: A Dean’s Perspective

Higher Education Management in the Time of Corona: Reconsidering the Predominant Paradigm in the Light of the Crisis