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IDE publishes thematically connected issues as well as others in which the title of the journal provides the sole orientation for the examination of educational events from historical, international and comparative perspectives. In this current issue you will find a mix of thematically oriented and thematically open contributions. The former refers to the 500th anniversary… Read More »


Negative Erfahrung im Zweitspracherwerb: Eine Studie zur Entwicklung der Interlanguage von Kindern einer deutsch-französischen Kindertagesstätte in Berlin

Summary (Nadine Comes: Negative Experiences in Second-Language Acquisition: A Study of the Development of Interlanguage in Children at a German-French Daycare Centre in Berlin): The following contribution informs readers about the results of a qualitative study on the theme of negative formative experiences in the language acquisition of two- to six-year-old children in a bilingual… Read More »