Current Issue

2020, Volume 7, Number 1


The Hanseatic League and Education – A Neglected chapter in European and German history

Realism, Pansophy and Mentality in the Work of the Czech and World Pedagogue J.A. Comenius: An Analysis of Three Fundamental German Works and Their Significance for International Comeniology

The Dispute Over the Reform Pedagogue Peter Petersen (1884-1952) in Jena 2010: Review of a “Total Disaster” After Ten Years

Innovative Changes in Education of the 2010s: Pros and Cons

Thinking and Acting Across Ponds: Glocalized* Intersections of Trepidation, Neoliberalism, and Possibilities for 21st Century Teacher Education

Strengthening Resilience in School – A Narrative Examination of How Teachers Promote Resilience by Providing Social Support

Salamanca 25 Years Later: A Commentary on Residual Dialogues of Disability and Diversity

The Impact of ESL Discussion Groups in an Undergraduate Counseling Psychology Course

Aspects of a Categorization of the Concept “Personality” in the Professional Consciousness of Teachers – An Example from Belarus

A Comparative Study of Higher Education Governance in Greater China

Book Review

Book Review

Book review