Current Issue

2019, Volume 6, Number 2

Educational Innovations in Countries Around the World: Editorial Comments on the Contributions to a Symposium

Continuity and Change in Societies in Post-Socialist Transformation: Research into Households and the Economy

The Humanization of Education: Some Major Contemporary Challenges for an Innovative Concept

Inclusive Schooling for Students with Disabilities: Redefining Dialogues of Diversity and Disability in the Canadian (Alberta) Agenda

Fluidity and Education

Backgrounds and Goals of ‘Innovations’: The Examples of New Math in the 1960s and the Change from Input to Output 1995

Collective Teacher Efficacy: An Introduction to Its Theoretical Constructs, Impact, and Formation

Corpus-Based Data-Driven Learning to Augment L2 Students’ Vocabulary Repertoire

Building Purposeful Superintendent and School Board Relationships Through Examining the Historical Narrative of Evolving Roles

Experiential Learning in Business Communication: Starting a Peer-Reviewed Student Journal and Podcast

Preservice Teacher Experience with Technology Integration: How the Preservice Teacher’s Efficacy in Technology Integration is Impacted by the Context of the Preservice Teacher Education Program

Does Metacognitive Reflection Benefit Art Students?

Arts and Academic Achievement―Empirical Evidence for Arts Realities in United States Education Law and Around the World

An Obituary for Götz Hillig (15 February 1938 – 6 June 2019), the Important Makarenko Researcher