Innovative Changes in Education of the 2010s: Pros and Cons

Abstract: The article offers a theoretical analysis of the advantages and contradictions of innovative changes in modern education. The author uses the data presented in the UNESCO and Council of Europe programmes, reviews in the main areas of innovative development, but also information from the websites of international organizations, implementing innovative educational models. The ideas… Read More »


A Comparative Study of Higher Education Governance in Greater China

Abstract: During 1980, many Western countries launched public administration reforms. These reform waves also blew over to many Asian countries. With the advent of globalization and the rise of knowledge-based society, education and innovation are regarded as the driving forces behind social and economic growth and development. To enhance the national capacity, education reforms have… Read More »



Dear Readers and Authors of International Dialogues on Education: Past and Present, In the context of the publication of issue 2-2019 of our journal, we promised – at that time still completely unaware of the approaching worst crisis in society since the end of the Second World War – to publish issue 1-2020 on time… Read More »