Conference Announcement

By Reinhard Golz | February 1, 2018

Education for Excellence, Diversity and Respect.

Transformative 21st Century Innovations

International Conference, August 22-25, 2018

Seattle Pacific University (USA)

Dear readers and authors of our online journal,

We would like to draw your attention to this international conference organized by our cooperation partner Seattle Pacific University ( together with the American Janusz Korczak Association (

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Liebe LeserInnen und AutorInnen unseres Online-Journals,

wir möchten Sie auf diese internationale Konferenz aufmerksam machen. Sie wird organisiert von unserem Kooperationspartner Seattle Pacific University ( zusammen mit der amerikanischen Janusz Korczak Association (

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我们想向您诚挚地介绍我们的合作伙伴 – 美国西雅图太平洋大学 ( 联手美国雅努什 · 科扎克协会 (共同举办的这场国际会议

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Уважаемые читатели и авторы нашего онлайн-журнала,

Информируем Вас о данной международной конференции, организатором которой выступает наш партнер – Тихоокеанский университет Сиэтла ( вместе с Обществом  Януша Корчака в США (


Conference goals:

  1. To share innovative ideas and projects that allow advocating students’ social and academic success in diverse communities.
  2. To stimulate a creative atmosphere of trust and respect for learning and to brainstorm different innovative ideas, strategies, and interventions.
  3. To present research-based, practice- and service-oriented projects from different countries and to consider their possible implementation in the United States.
  4. To introduce and promote Janusz Korczak’s legacy to the broader educational community and to motivate all the participants with his humanistic ideas.

Participants at this conference will:

  • Learn about the latest research findings and innovations, and their impact on school students, teachers, and reforms in education.
  • Be inspired by Janusz Korczak’s theory and practice.
  • Engage with international groups of students, teachers, researchers, social workers, psychologists, children rights’ advocates, policymakers, and other stakeholders with an interest in education.
  • Present and promote their own current or future projects in education, seek out both supporters and challengers.
  • Strengthen their social networks of new national and international partners from around the world.

Participants will include:

  • Representatives of Korczak Associations from all over the world.
  • SPU School of Education faculty, doctoral and graduate students.
  • Faculty and students from other US public and private universities.
  • Schoolteachers and administrators, educators, psychologists, and social workers.
  • Children’s rights’ advocates from different countries.

Conference Format:

  • Plenary meetings with key speakers from the United Nations, worldwide Korczak Associations, Ombudsmen for Children, as well as leading researchers and practitioners in the field
  • Concurrent sessions with paper presentations and roundtable discussions
  • Innovative hands-on workshops
  • Creative teamwork for all participants

More information about submissions and forms of participation you can find on the conference website at

Submissions’ first deadline is February 15; early registration deadline is May 30.