Issue 1-2018 online

By Reinhard Golz | May 27, 2018

Dear Readers and Authors,

Issue 1-2018 of “International Dialogues on Education: Past and Present” has now been online since May 27th, 2018. This issue consists of contributions by educationalists from Austria, Belarus, Colombia, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, and the USA. Some papers deal with challenges of inclusive and integrative education in the context of migration and cultural diversity, and aspects of modern teacher training. Some authors analyze national and international comparative methods and structures for the education of young pedagogues, and others demonstrate pedagogical problems and innovative strategies for the transition from kindergarten education to school-based learning. Finally, out-of-school educational policy and pedagogical activities to overcome serious areas of social conflict are discussed.

Here are some aspects of our future editorial policy:

  • We will continue to maintain a broad thematic focus on educational developments from historical, international and comparative perspectives. Furthermore, not only educational scientists and practitioners can exchange information about their research results, but also representatives of related fields of human and social sciences. We publish articles that are scientifically verifiable, permeated by humanistic, democratic values, social responsibility, respect for the autonomy, diversity and dignity of individuals, groups and communities.
  • We stand for liberal, independent educational research and publication activity and against unrestrained commercialization of access to scientific publications. Despite rising production costs for the further development of the design, the expansion of our globally operating IDE team, etc., the entire editorial work remains free of charge for the authors.
  • In view of the journal’s increasing global orientation, the contributions (articles, book reviews, descriptions of research or teaching projects etc.) will only be published in English from this issue onward. The abstracts of the articles will continue to be translated from English into German and Russian and from 2018 also into Chinese by the editorial board.
  • In addition to the existing indexations (DOAJ, ROAD, SSOAR, ECB, FIS, Gesis Sowiport, DBS and others), our journal will also be indexed in other platforms. In this context, relevant discussions about indexation will be considered, such as in:
  • In the interest of concentrating on high-quality articles, we will be publishing two issues per year from 2018 instead of three as before. The first issue will be published at the end of June and the second at the end of November each year. We inform you about the deadlines well in advance, e.g. in our NEWS.

Reinhard Golz – on behalf of the Editorial Board