IDE Journal Special Issue 2020 online

By Reinhard Golz | November 11, 2020

Dear Readers and Authors,

A Special Issue entitled ‟Schools, Education and the Pandemic of 2020” has now been online since November 11, 2020, in: HTML and PDF.

In the Editorial of issue 1-2020, which was published in May of this year, we politely reminded our readers that we publish two issues per year, the first issue being published at the end of May and the second at the end of November. Together with the Seattle Pacific University (USA) we had planned to integrate selected contributions to an international symposium organized by Arthur K. Ellis and Elizabeth Ebersole on the Special Issue topic mentioned above into the regular IDE issue 2-2020, which would otherwise have been published in its accustomed form.

It soon turned out, however, that it made more sense to publish the many contributions to the symposium in a separate special issue and to have the regular issue follow by mid-December 2020.

Thanks in particular to the reliable and responsible work of our Technical Editors within the Editorial Board, we were ultimately able to overcome the additional editorial challenges associated with this and the Corona crisis.

Together with the editors of this special issue, Arthur K. Ellis & Elizabeth Ebersole, the whole IDE Editorial Board hopes to hear from readers and authors all over the world who have experienced the current pandemic and who have inspiring ideas for the improvement of education. There are signs that the current crisis, terrible as it is, can also act as a stimulus to new insight and action.

We look forward to further high-quality contributions: articles, essays, book reviews, conference reports and information on research and teaching projects.

Please contact us if and whenever you have any questions, for example also with regard to the first issue of the year 2021.

Stay healthy and best wishes!

Reinhard Golz

Editor-in-Chief from 2014 to 2020

Editorial Board