Issue 2-2018 online

By Reinhard Golz | November 28, 2018

Dear Readers and Authors,

Issue 2-2018 of our peer reviewed journal “International Dialogues on Education: Past and Present” has now been online since November 27th, 2018. This issue aims in particular at discussing historical and current developments in pedagogical and social science research and thus literally lives up to its title.

The first three articles deal in particular with historical-comparative aspects of education. This is followed by three articles that focus more on current pedagogical and research methodology issues. In a final section you will find reviews of books published in 2018.

“International Dialogues on Education: Past and Present” will continue to maintain a broad thematic focus on educational developments from historical, international and comparative perspectives. Furthermore, not only educational scientists and practitioners can exchange information about their research results, but also representatives of related fields in the human and social sciences.

We publish articles that are scientifically verifiable, permeated by humanistic, democratic values, social responsibility, respect for autonomy, diversity and the dignity of individuals, groups and communities. Our editorial team stands for liberal, independent educational research and publication activity and against the unrestrained commercialization of access to scientific publications. Despite rising production costs for the further development of the design, the expansion of our globally operating IDE team, etc., the editorial work remains free of charge for the authors.

We publish two issues per year; the first is published at the end of May and the second at the end of November. This means for the next issue:

  • For editorial planning reasons, it is recommended that the provisional titles of the intended contributions for issue 1-2019 be submitted to the Editorial Board as early as possible, but no later than 15 March 2019.
  • The deadline for sending the complete articles is 15 April 2019.
  • Authors are requested to strictly adhere to our editorial standards and requirements (see:

We look forward to further high-quality contributions: articles, essays, book reviews, conference reports and information on research and teaching projects.

Reinhard Golz – on behalf of the Editorial Board